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What We Believe

We believe hope can be found in our collective humanity and that we should never stop trying to help others be ok.

Embroidered Heart


We Believe .....

Housing is a Human Right

In the fullness of our collective humanity

Being unhoused, poor, or food insecure are policy choices - not personal failings

That compassion should be extended towards all people

In Solidarity not charity

Love is always the answer

That kindness heals angry and frustrated hearts 

In Housing Justice

Justice must always be centered

Restorative Justice

In the full inherent worth, power & liberation of our Unhoused, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Trans, & Queer friends

Workers and Unions should always go together

That a living wage, affordable housing, & strong communities solve homelessness

Unity matters 

Loving each other > Anything else

The Fight

The Work

Safe Spaces

Mobilizing Around Housing Justice

Social Justice

Housing Isn't Commodity

Equitable Societies

That the criminalization of homelessness is the real crime

Mutual Aid


Transformative Justice


Resiliant Communities

Community Capacity

process  of  strategically  reallocating  resources,  funding,  and  responsibility  away  from  police  and toward  community-based  models  of  safety,  support,  and  prevention

In prioritizing people over anything else



We're ALL in This Together

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