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Our Values

Springs ALLiance Works to Restore Humanity to the Unhoused

I Want To Help Fund An Equitable & Compassionate Solution!
Sign hung up in a nearby window that reads 'We Are All In This Together' The sign was made


Our Values

Between 2011 and 2021, homelessness sharply increased by 43% in Colorado Springs. Policy choices and housing market failures, unhoused system challenges, and long-standing discrimination have created a crisis in affordable housing and the unhoused world, which has especially affected low-income people, LGBTQIA communities, and communities of color.


The rise in homelessness and its disproportionate racial impacts, especially on Black and Indigenous communities, became the momentum of our current unhoused system process to ensure that it is structured to utilize a racial equity lens. With the objective of creating an unhoused system that functions better for all to end houselessness in Colorado Springs, this system modeling process seeks to:  



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