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Our Mission

Springs ALLiance Works to Restore Humanity

to the Unhoused

Using Equitable, Compassionate, and Innovative Solutions

I Want To Help Fund An Equitable & Compassionate Solution!


The Mission


Springs ALLiance is on a mission to help end houselessness in Colorado Springs using equitable, inclusive, compassionate, and innovative solutions. Solutions that lift up communities in a compassionate manner centered on love, justice, equality, and humanity. 


Solutions We're Working On....

Safe Teams

(Trauma-Informed Street Outreach)

Safe Zones

(City-Approved Sanctioned Encampments)

Safe Homes

(Tiny Homes)

Mutual Aid

(People Supporting People)

Compassionate Alternative Approaches

(Trauma Informed/Zero Harm/Kindness Infused/Justice Centered)

Safe Lots

(Safe Parking Lots for People Surviving Out of Cars)

Community Capacity

(Building Up Resilient Thriving Communities)

Permanent Safe Homes

(Forever People in Their Forever Homes)

We believe all people have a right to safe and secure housing. 

Compassionate Alternative Approaches
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